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Igniter Replacement Guide

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The replacement igniters in this page are linked to Our Igniter Products and Mounting Brackets. Click on an igniter (i.e. i360) to view and order the igniter and a bracket (i.e. BR5) to view and order the bracket.

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Part Number
Igniter Replacement
Snyder General 1380654 i360
Snyder General 1380672 i360
Snyder General 1380680 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-0561 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1033 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1056 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1061 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1084 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1085 i408
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1090 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1098 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1099 i099
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1106 i106
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1121 i360+BR5
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1124 i360+BR7
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1125 i360+BR4
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1401 i401
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1402 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1403 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1405 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1406 i406
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1407 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1408 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1409 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1410 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1410 i360
Starlite (ISI) 11120-100-1119 i360
Superior Fireplace 94851 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC007 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC024 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC035 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC046 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC047 i360+BR6
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC050 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC051 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC052 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC053 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC057 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC058 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC059 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC060 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC061 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC062 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC063 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC064 i360
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC065 i360+BR4
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC066 i360+BR4
Surfaceigniters Corp. FC067 i360+BR5
Surfaceigniters Corp. FT001 i360+BR3
Surfaceigniters Corp. FY009 i406
Surfaceigniters Corp. FY012 i406
Tappan Heating & Cooling 632-0770 i360
Tappan Heating & Cooling 632-0880 i360
Tappan Heating & Cooling 632-3540 i360
Tappan Heating & Cooling 632313 i360+BR6
Tappan Heating & Cooling 902661 i360
Tappan Heating & Cooling 902694 i360
Tappan Heating & Cooling 903110 i360+BR6
Tappan Heating & Cooling 903758 i360+BR6
Tappan Heating & Cooling 105141000 i360
Tappan Heating & Cooling RH622286893 i360
Tempstar Heating 1001344 i360
Tempstar Heating 1009604 i360+BR4
Tempstar Heating 1009745 i360
Tempstar Heating 1009980 i360
Tempstar Heating 1096048 i360+BR4
Tempstar Heating 1148245 i360
Tempstar Heating 1380680 i360+BR4
Trane Kit #3033 i360+BR3
Trane 340039P01 i360
Trane B129196P01 i360
Trane B144676P02 i360
Trane B340039P01 i408
Trane IGN21 i360
Trane IGN23 i360
Trane IGN26 i360
Trane IGN30 i360
Trane IGN34 i408
Trianco Heating Products 2400-048 i401
Trianco Heating Products 2400-286 i401
Trianco Heating Products 2600-359 i401
Trianco Heating Products 3079-100 i401
Trianco Heating Products 9330-102 i401

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Appliances are constantly undergoing modifications and upgrades. If you can't find what you are looking for in our Replacement Guide, please use the online Contact Form to send us all the information for the item you are looking for. If we don't have it, we'll find it for you!

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Mounting Brackets

In some cases, a specific mounting bracket (i.e. BR4) is required to suit a specific application. In all cases, however, these additional brackets apply only to i360 Universal Igniters. Other igniters do not require them.


Hot surface igniters should be used only in their prescribed applications. Any other use of these igniters is extremely unsafe and ill advised.


Please visit our Warranty page for details of the 3-year manufacturer's warranty on our hot surface igniters and mounting brackets.


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